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Yoganastics is a program based on Yoga and Gymnastic formulated together to create a relaxed, yet fun skill set for the Mind, Body and Soul. 

The Yoganastics program combines a range of fun an interactive Yoga poses and gymnastics games and drills. By combining these two forms of physical training, the children get to develop all of their fundamental physicals skills that they need to develop at this young age.

Our Goal is to teach children from a young age that Feelings, Emotions, Strengths and thoughts are all part of growing, learning, and finding ourselves.

We encourage the children, different ways to express these fundamentals for future experience, if and when they need them. This is accomplished through all elements of learning as we are all different and retain information in our own way, some by discussion, others by doing and some by watching. We have created Yoganastics specifically for children aged between 2years and 12years old. 

Having Three Children myself between these ages I understand how vital this age is to be able to express what we want and need in a healthy way. I have been able to create this program by focussing on individual personalities so they can learn the importance of a healthy Mindset. 

Yoganastics has 8 x 6 week blocks throughout 2 Semesters. Our Program is aimed at Childcare Centres, After School Care facilities and Holiday Care facilities. 

The Future Champs programs are Specifically created for the curriculum guidelines, to support the kinder funding. We supply the centres with weekly Newsletters and Programming for you to follow, between the days we service the sessions. All marketing materials are provided and encouraged to be sent home with the children to help the discussion continue at home with family. 

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