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What they say about us

We have been associated with Nathan and his Future Champs team for over a year now.

Our induction process was thorough, with Nathan himself coming to our Centre to explain the benefits of his program.

One of my concerns, was having a coach that was not familiar with young children’s development and behaviours. Nathan was able to alleviate my concerns and assured me this was an important factor for his program also.

The children in our centre are enjoying the program, and the fact that we are sent weekly information by our Coach regarding lessons helps us to incorporate the children’s learning from the day, into our week of learning.

- Peacey

(Centre Director)

We are loving the program and the children are so excited to see Coach Matt. They link nicely into our current project of being healthy. We have even extended on Matt discussing patience with the children and have introduced the concept of mindfulness.

I would like to say that we have had many incursions at the centre and many are lovely people and great with the children. However Matt has this amazing positive energy with the children and they talk about him at homes with their families.


- Tori

ECT WOL Chancellor Park

Our service has had Future Champs deliver their sporting program to our Kindy for the past few years. Future Champs provides a high quality program that fosters and develops children physically, socially and cognitively. The activities that are facilitated each week are age appropriate, non-competitive and align with our play based philosophy. Our Future Champs coach is well adored by all our Kindy children as Mr Hamish has built a warm , nurturing rapport with all children that participate in the program. Providing a sense of fun while also educating children about health and nutrition has encouraged our children to extend on their learning at Future Champs to our everyday routine. This can be seen as our children will often discuss ‘healthy choices’ through meal times. I highly recommend Future Champs to any service who is looking to enrich their extracurricular program. 

- Alicia Shields

Director of Early Learning Community & OSHC

Our Kindergarten class attends Future Champs with Mr Hamish every Tuesday. This is a highlight for the children who thoroughly enjoy learning new skills and games. Future Champs not only encourages the children to be active, but also incorporates discussions about healthy eating, exercise, muscle development and living their best life. Our children love using the skills they have learnt from Future Champs during their free play time, and we as educators love watching them challenge themselves and enjoying being active. Thankyou Mr Hamish and Future Champs!

- Brooke Starrett

Early Leaning Teacher at Goodstart Tallebudgera